The Port Tobacco Trail is a series of historic houses and sites in central Charles County extending southward from Thomas Stone National Historic Site to St. Thomas Manor & St. Ignatius Church, via Port Tobacco Village, shown below in green. This trail intersects other historic trails, such as the Religious Freedom Scenic Byway, shown in red. Click on a site to find out more about it. Stone Rose Hill Port Tobacco Village Mount Bleak Port Tobacco Village St. Thomas Manor Thomas Stone House Ellerslie Mulberry Grove

Although still in its planning stages, the Port Tobacco Interpretive Trail will combine existing roads and new woodland trails to provide access to many of the area's most significant historic sites. The trail will begin at Thomas Stone and extend through a County-owned easement along Rose Hill to Maryland Route 6. Other off-road trail routes will be sought. Some signs have been installed in the Village of Port Tobacco and more are envisioned.

We envision a web of trails that tie the Religious Freedom Scenic Byway, Captain John Smith Water Trail, and Port Tobacco Interpretive Trail into a vibrant community resource that also attracts heritage tourism.