Stagg HallStagg Hall

Stagg Hall, like Chimney House, is a surviving example of a merchant house and store from the 18th century (see right). It was originally built adjacent to the town square for John Parnham, a wealthy Port Tobacco merchant, ca. 1740. Stagg Hall fireplaceIts well-preserved interior woodwork and exterior make it an extraordinary example of Colonial architecture, which caught the eye of the Chicago Art Institute. The Institute purchased the original interior woodwork in 1932 (see left). After display over several years, the Institute consigned the woodwork to storage until 1972, when the late Robert Barbour purchased and reinstalled it in Stagg Hall. It is unclear as to why the building is referred to as Stagg Hall, although it is possible that some sort of fraternal organization used the building as a meeting place (see below). Stagg Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Stagg Hall Invitation