Rose HillMulberry Grove

Mulberry Grove is a two-story frame and brick building. The original house burned down in 1930 and was reconstructed.

Mulberry Grove is the birth place of John Hanson (1715 or 1721 – 1783).  He was the first President of Congress elected under the Articles of Confederation in 1781, before the adoption of the US Constitution and the presidency of George Washington. Some people claim he is the true first President of the Grave Markercountry, although under the Articles of Confederation, the "president" was part of the congress in more of a prime minister's role, rather than the head of the executive branch.
Hanson died in 1783. His grave site is lost, but his wife Jane was buried at Mulberry Grove upon her death in 1812, as are two of their children. Archeological investigations continue at Mulberry Grove to determine if he was buried here.