Christ ChurchChrist Church

Christ Church was a central structure in the town of Port Tobacco since its incorporation as the town's parish in 1692. The church, however, had already hosted an active congregation since it was constructed at the head of the Port Tobacco Creek in 1683. This small log structure was replaced in 1709, although it is uncertain as to whether the new church was built in the same location or not. This structure was destroyed by a tornado in 1808 and replaced with a larger brick building in 1818. When this building began to fall into ruin in the 1870s a stone Christ Church Meadowstructure replaced it. Rebuilt in the Gothic style in 1884, Christ Church was dismantled and relocated to the bustling county seat of La Plata in 1904, leaving behind the declining town of Port Tobacco. Since the move, the church has undergone considerable repairs following a fire in 1905 and a tornado in 2002, as well as numerous additions including a bell tower and parish hall. All that remains of Christ Church in Port Tobacco is a brick outline where the church stood in 1904 (see left), as well as hidden deposits from its predecessors waiting for archaeologists to uncover them.